Mold Name: "Dante"  

 Sculpted By: Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig

Painted By: Jaime Baker

Notes: This model has a customized mane and tail by Jaime.

Scale: Little Bit

Shown as: Tiger Horse

Gender: Stallion

Show Record:

Baystate Models Live (9/8/2013)

      2nd Breed

     2nd Workmanship

Finger Lakes Open Classic Live (10/5/2013)

      1st Breed

     1st Workmanship

     Champion Breed

     Champion Workmanship

The Region X Championships (11/3/2013)

      4th Workmanship

     6th Breed

     Top 5 Workmanship

     Reserve Champion Workmanship

Southern New England Winter Round Up (3/8/2014)

      2nd Workmanship

     4th Breed