"Once In A Blue Moon"

The "American Quarter Horse Foal" mold (#750702). Sculpted By: Breyer

Painted and Customized By: Karen Lloyd

Scale: Classic

Shown as: Unicorn

Gender: Colt

Show Record:

Baystate Halter Live (9/8/2012)

      3rd Breed

     3rd Workmanship

Park Color Crazy Live (9/30/2012)

     3rd Workmanship

     3rd Breed

     Top 5 Mythical Fun Class

Model Horse Blab Online Model Horse Show (8/3/2013)

      1st in Fantasy Unicorns

Baystate Models Live (9/8/2013)

     1st Workmanship

Empire State Live (9/28/2013)

      1st Breed

     2nd Workmanship

Finger Lakes Open Classic Live (10/5/2013)

     1st Workmanship