A Custom Glaze China

The "Galileo" resin mold sculpted by Tina Lamport and custom glazed by Horsing Around.  Limited to 50 pieces.

Scale: Stablemate

Shown as: Coloured Cob

Gender: Stallion

Show Record:

New England Model Horse Expo (4/5/2008)

     2nd Breed

CT River Classic Live (4/12/2008)

     4th Breed

VT Live Model Horse Show (4/27/2008)

     2nd Workmanship

North American Nationals (6/17/2008)

     10th on one judge's card for Breed

Baystate Halter Live (8/16/2008)

     1st Workmanship

     5th Breed

     Top 5 Workmanship

Hudson Valley Fall Classic (10/11/2008)

     3rd Workmanship

     6th Breed

Model Horse Blab Online Photo Show (Jan/Feb '09)

     5th Breed

Vermont Live Model Horse Show (4/25/2009)

     6th Workmanship

Baystate Halter Live (8/8/2009)

     3rd Workmanship

     8th Breed

All Equines Great and Small (3/20/2010)

     2nd Workmanship

Random Mini Show (4/10/2010)

     1st Breed

     2nd Workmanship

The China Buffet (6/6/2010)

      5th Workmanship

     6th Breed

The Region X Championships (11/6/2011)

      3rd Workmanship

     5th Breed

Random Mini Show (3/31/2012)

     4th Workmanship

Model Horse Blab Online Model Horse Show (8/3/2013)

      4th Breed