Once again, welcome to my website!  I have been collecting model horses since sometime in 2002 (not nearly as long as many hobbyists!).  I honestly don't know exactly how it started, but I remember thinking one day, out of the blue, that I just HAD to buy a Breyer - like right then and there!  My best friend in high school had collected them and I remember seeing her room pretty much covered in Breyers.  Perhaps I was reminiscing and decided that, yeah - I wanted that too!  I dunno - but whatever it was that made me HAVE to get a Breyer - it bit me good!

I began collecting Breyers at that time and my very first Breyer was on the Rejoice mold and was the brown pinto National Show Horse.  From that mare, I continued to collect just original finish (OF) models for a few years.  I found that I mainly collected the traditional size models.  Occasionally, a stablemate or two would sneak in though (they hide quite nicely under traditionals!).

Around 2004, I discovered the world of live model horse showing.  I attended a show in my area, and just observed and decided that I really wanted to try this out!  I entered the next show and brought a meager 10 horses or so.  I noticed that I had the least amount of horses, but I had so much fun and I even had a couple models place!  After that show, I was HOOKED!  I continued to purchase more OF models and enter more shows.

Then, sometime in 2006, the direction my collection was going in drastically changed when I discovered the world of artist resins (AR).  My first resin was on the "Crusher" mold sculpted by Kitty Cantrell and painted a lovely, soft dappled gray by Lisa Bickford.  I promptly named him "Diesel" and still have him in my collection.  Shortly after I acquired him, I bought my first blank resin - another "Crusher" resin.  For some reason, "Crusher" embodies EVERYTHING a horse is to me - powerful, graceful, beautiful, strong, etc.  I just love him!

From there on out, it was all over as the resin bug had bit me.  I've since sold off most of my OF collection and have focused on resins now.  All of my collection can be seen by clicking on the My Model Horses tab above.  My collection consists of about 90 horses (I think - haha).

I still show quite often and get just as much joy from it as I did in the beginning.  I enjoy competing as well as hanging out with all of the other model horse "peeps" at the shows.  It is an awesome hobby and since I can't have a real horse, it's a great substitute!